Environment Modules

Environment Modules allow for management of environment variables  when using multiple compilers, multiple libraries, or even versions of applications that you might need to run. Rather than change $PATH, $LD_LIBRARY_LOAD, or $MANPATH for each you can... » More

Server Technology Sentry Switched CDU

Sentry CDU A few notes for future reference. I am playing with a power distribution unit from Server Technology  - Model CW-16VE-P32M Initially to configure the device I plugged both the Cabinet Distribution Unit (CDU) unit and a laptop into a switch, setting... » More

Favicon Generator

Note to Self: The service at http://realfavicongenerator.net is great for generating favicon's and icons for other mobile platforms.    

Deploying a Web Project from Gitlab

gitlab deploy hooks I wanted to automatically deploy a web project when any updates are pushed to the gitlab repository. To do so I added a 'Web Hook'. The Web Hook calls a URL in response to 'push' events. I created a PHP page to be called by the Web Hook: So in... » More

Huge Pages in CentOS 6

centos logo To check the size and amount of Huge Pages use: grep -i Hugepage /proc/meminfo This should so something like: HugePages_Total:    0 HugePages_Free:     0 HugePages_Rsvd:        0 HugePages_Surp:       ... » More

Filezilla is Dead – Killed by Malware

With a heavy heart I can no longer recommend FileZilla.For years I had pointed users to Filezilla for several reasons including availability on multiple platforms and support for FTPS. I have now been informed that Windows users who download FileZilla... » More

PHP Built-In Web Server

LAMP Development just got a little easier with PHP version 5.4 and the in-built PHP web server. To test a PHP application we can now navigate to the directory on the filesytem: cd ~/websites/whatever.com/httpdocs Then run the PHP Web Server: php... » More