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Minecraft Overviewer

Minecraft Overviewer

Just some instructions to remind myself how I got the Minecraft Overviewer working on CentOS. wget yum install overviewer-0.12.109.rpm VERSION=1.9 wget${VERSION}/${VERSION}.jar -P ~/.minecraft/versions/${VERSION}/ Now create a config file to tell Overviewer where the assets (texture images etc) are: vi overviewer_config texturepath = “/home/jonny/.minecraft/versions/1.9/1.9.jar” Then run Overviewer telling it the location of your config… Read more »

Twiki Installation and Setup Overview

Twiki Installation

I am not necessarily a fan of this software as I find it a bit less than intuitive to use but I set it up on one of our CentOS servers for someone else and thought I would jot a few notes about the process. Install dependencies: yum –disablerepo=rpmforge –enablerepo=epel install httpd gdal-perl perl-CGI perl-CGI-Session… Read more »

Improving the Munin Layout

Munin Alternative Template

Following on from Fran Di√©guez’s post about Munin Layout I found that the layout didn’t work for me – there appeared to be a few broken links – or maybe I hadn’t deleted the style.css file. In any case I decided to fiddle with the template styles from Fran’s download and I have uploaded the… Read more »

Zero Filling a Disk in Linux

The simple way to wipe or zerofill a disk is: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sd? bs=1M However I found an article describing how to zero-fill with a progress indicator using pipebench, installed on Debian/Ubuntu with: sudo apt-get install pipebench then use: tr ‘\000’ ‘\377’ < /dev/zero | pipebench | sudo dd of=/dev/sd? Substitute the question mark for… Read more »

SquidGuard LDAP User Search and Special Characters

So I had a problem with the ldapusersearch string as some eejit has created an OU with spaces and an apostrophe in the name. So the characters are represented as: comma %2c space %20 apostrophe %27 For example (entirely fictional organisation): src staff { ldapusersearch¬† ldap://,dc=domain,dc=uk?sAMAccountName?sub?(&(sAMAccountName=%s)(memberOf=cn=All%20Staff%2cOU=King%27s%20College%20Dublin%2cdc=ads%2cdc=domain%2cdc=uk)) }  

Business Value of Open Source Software – Mark Shuttleworth

I was at the Enterprise Ireland ‘The Business Value of Open Source Software’ event yesterday. The speakers included: Simon Phipps (Open Source Initiative) Tim Willoughby and Tom Mackey (Limerick City Council) Ronan Kirby (Red Hat) David Coallier (Open Source Programmer) Mark Shuttleworth (Canonical/Ubuntu) Simon Phipps provided the overview of software freedom(gratis vs libre) including the… Read more »