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Restoring a Gitlab Bundle

I had an odd request today from a guy who had deleted his GitLab project and his local repos. I had been making backups using: gitlab-rake gitlab:backup:create and sifting through the backups under¬†/var/opt/gitlab/backups/¬† I extracted the latest tar and under the ./repositories/username directory found some .bundle files for each of his projects. After some piddling… Read more »

Migrating from SVN to GIT with Branches and Tags

git branch

I needed to convert a number of small subversion repositories to git so that they could be hosted publicly on GitHub and some hosted on our private GitLab service. I am adding a few notes here of what I did to help my future self. If it helps anyone else – bonus. Initialise In an… Read more »

Deploying a Web Project from Gitlab

gitlab deploy hooks

I wanted to automatically deploy a web project when any updates are pushed to the gitlab repository. To do so I added a ‘Web Hook’. The Web Hook calls a URL in response to ‘push’ events. I created a PHP page to be called by the Web Hook: So in response to push events gitlab_hook.php… Read more »

Gitlab Omnibus – Change the Nginx Port

Ignore original text below. The correct method is to amend the /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb file with the port e.g.: external_url “” nginx[‘ssl_certificate’] = “/etc/pki/tls/certs/pubkey.pem” nginx[‘ssl_certificate_key’] = “/etc/pki/tls/private/privkey.pem” Then run: gitlab-ctl reconfigure   Doing a ps -ef | grep nginx allowed me to track down the configuration file: /var/opt/gitlab/nginx/etc/gitlab-http.conf That file specified the port number (see below) and… Read more »