VPC Flow Logs in Apache Superset via DuckDB

These notes describe loading VPC Flow Logs in parquet format into DuckDB for visual analysis in Apache Superset. I had never used any of these components before but was able to visualise the addresses using the most bandwidth. If time permits I may also... » More

Newry Canal Towpath Spring Flowers

Dean Mac Cu Uladh hosted a walk along the towpath and pointed out some of the native flowering species. Photographs of just three are below. Stitch Wort Marsh Marigold Dog Rose

The MapTiler Swindle: Update 2

Original MapTiler Swindle Post MapTiler Swindle: Update 1 MapTiler Swindle: Update 2 Wee Jiri got back to me. The message is shown below but for the TLDR; MapTiler have their own definitions of words and they do not match what you will... » More

The MapTiler Swindle: Update 1

MapTiler got back to me about my assertion that it was unfair to remove download links for older versions of their software that customers had paid for. MapTiler changed their pricing model to a SaaS model so they now benefit from charging customers... » More

MapTiler Swindle

TLDR; I suppose this is a warning to contributors to OpenStreetMap that while MapTiler make use of our contributions their sole purpose is maximum profiteering from the mapping community. As an active contributor to OpenStreetMap I had a use-case to... » More

Fish Shell Escape Delay

Using the fish shell I needed to increase a timeout to allow me to use Esc-. keyboard sequence to print the last argument from the previous line: Add the following line to ~/.config/fish/fish_variables to fix the problem: SETUVAR... » More

Run a Linux Mint Web App from the CLI

I wanted to run 4-5 applications based on a keyboard shortcut on Linux Mint. The shortcut key runs a shell script that launches the applications I want for that key press. Some of the applications Creating the keyboard shortcut is straight-forward... » More

Number 1

I was number 1 most active mapper in the UK charts today due to my contributions in County Down and East Belfast over the last few months. I can't see that continuing as another Irish mapper b-unicycling is sure to take top spot soon.