Installing Darkstat on CentOS 6

Darkstat The darkstat software is available in the rpmforge repository so you will need to install RPMforge first: Then install Darkstat with: My scenario was to use darkstat to monitor traffic on a local 192.168.161.* network so I used the... » More

Run Windows MMC as a different user

Windows runas command While logged in to a Windows Desktop as a normal domain user (jonny) I wanted to be able to run the Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in as a Domain Admin user (adm-jonny) to do so requires using the 'runas' command. When I had first tried... » More

Vuze IP Address Filters

Vuze IP Filters Vuze has built-in ability to exclude IP addresses under Options > IP Filters have many of these lists and the bluetack level 1 list address is: This URL should be entered into the space labelled: IP Filter file to autoload This... » More