MySQL: Give a User Grant Permissions

I needed to create a new MySQL user that would be able to create new users itself and grant permissions to the accounts that it creates. To do so I used the following:    

Linux Mint 64-bit and Steam

I had the following error message on Linux Mint when trying to play a new game: Solved by installing the 32-bit libtxc as follows:  

Linux GPS Logging Data

I took part in a swim this weekend - The Battle of Carlingford Lough. My friend Cormac gave his Panasonic Lumix camera to Mary in the kayak and set the camera to log GPS data. He sent me the GPS log file and I opened the log file with BT747 - a Java... » More

Installing Darkstat on CentOS 6

Darkstat The darkstat software is available in the rpmforge repository so you will need to install RPMforge first: Then install Darkstat with: My scenario was to use darkstat to monitor traffic on a local 192.168.161.* network so I used the... » More