Minecraft Overviewer

Just some instructions to remind myself how I got the Minecraft Overviewer working on CentOS.

wget http://overviewer.org/builds/el6-64/7/overviewer-0.12.109.rpm
yum install overviewer-0.12.109.rpm
wget https://s3.amazonaws.com/Minecraft.Download/versions/${VERSION}/${VERSION}.jar -P ~/.minecraft/versions/${VERSION}/

Now create a config file to tell Overviewer where the assets (texture images etc) are:

vi overviewer_config
texturepath = "/home/jonny/.minecraft/versions/1.9/1.9.jar"

Then run Overviewer telling it the location of your config file:

overviewer.py /opt/minecraft/world /opt/minecraft/mymcmap

Selection_183After some time the overviewer map should be created. The map can be added to a web accessible directory for global viewing or copied locally for offline viewing.

Minecraft Overviewer


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