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Batch Auto-Levels on Images

I had a thousand image files the kids had photographed when creating a stop motion video. An ‘auto-levels’ on many of the images was required to brighten them up so at the command line I used the following (with ImageMagick already installed of course): for FILE in $(ls /home/jonny/tmp/stopmotion/*.JPG); do convert -auto-level $FILE /home/jonny/tmp/stopmotion-fixed/$(basename $FILE)… Read more »

Manipulating Image Metadata for Stock Photos


On a Linux desktop one thing I miss is the ability to easily add metadata (exif / iptc) to the images I upload to stock photo websites. Adding this metadata makes it much easier to submit the same photo to multiple websites. The ‘File Info’ command in Photoshop does what I want but I haven’t… Read more »

Watercolor Action for Photoshop

I had been asked to create some watercolour versions of my holiday photos so I created the following action file for Photoshop (CS2). What does the action do? Creates 3 new dupliacte layers Layer 1 – Filter > Artistic > Cutout (with settings 4,4,2) Layer 1 Blend mode -> Luminosity Layer 2 – Filter >… Read more »

Ubuntu Bibble libstdc++5

Error while trying to install Bibble 4: Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: libstdc++5 Got the DEB file from: the Bibble installer now works 🙂