Increasing CentOS LVM under VMWare

Background: I had an existing CentOS machine as a virtual machine running on VMWare ESX Server and it was running out of space so for future reference I did the following. Incidentally my disk is sda with the new partition create on the extra space as sda3.

I first increased the disk using the vSphere Client:

Increasing the disk size in VMWare

Then on the actual host (‘myhost’ in this example) I checked the existing partitions:

I then ran fdisk on the disk to create a new partition (‘n’) as primary partition 3 (change as necessary).

I printed the partition table (see below) and could see the new partition

But I need the partition type to be 8e Linux LVM so…

Printing the partition table shows me what I wanted.

And save the changes (be careful!)

So reboot.

And now for the LVM commands. Scan the Physical Volumes:

And Create a new Physical Volume from /dev/sda3

Extend the Volume Group 00 to include /dev/sda3:

Scan again and we can see /dev/sda3 included:

Now extend the Logical Volume to extend (-L) the logical volume size by adding (+) 84 GigaBytes:

And now just to  extend the ext3 filesystem to take account of that extra space.

Check that it worked and is now bigger.

Happy days.

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  1. Jens


    instead of adding an additional partition, you can delete the lvm partition and re-created it (of course in the same fdisk session 🙂 ). Save the changes and reboot.

    After that you execute the following commands
    * “pvresize /dev/
    * lvextend -l +100%FREE /dev//

    and last but not least the resize2fs on the lv and thats it 🙂


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