Bulk Delete Emails in Gmail

Gmail bulk delete messages I had a bunch of emails sent from one of my own automated notification systems that I wanted to remove from Gmail. Doing a search in Gmail showed the first batch of 50 emails but the key to removing them all in one go is when ticking the 'Select All'... » More

Solar Power Installation

Solar Panels on Roof Just thought I would record a few notes/thoughts on my recent solar installation in case I need to illustrate it to anyone I know. For the solar photovoltaic (PV) panels there was two choices: Sharp (Japanese) or SolarWorld (German) panels. According... » More

Building Likwid RPMs for CentOS

centos logo Installing likwid is easy (using ./configure, make, make install) however I wanted to create an RPM package to allow for repeatable builds and installation across a number of nodes/machines. With the 'Development Tools' package installed I started... » More

Local Ubuntu Repository

I wanted to set up a local repository for DEB packages I create to be installed among a number of cluster nodes. After building the deb package I added it to my home folder as follows and created the Packages.gz file: I can now add a new line to my... » More

Nginx Reverse Proxy

centos logo Using CentOS 6 I installed Nginx with: and amended the config file for the default website i.e. With the following content: So visiting the web address frontend.domain.co.uk:8080 as configured under the 'server' section will proxy the website... » More

Fido U2F Security Key

FIDO U2F Key Opening So I ordered a FIDO U2F Security Key from a French company 'Plug-Up' to have a little play.  It is used in 2-factor authentication so when logging in to a service you first enter your username and password and if correct your are prompted for your... » More