Mkr Fox 1200 Beginner Tutorial

Download the latest version of the Arduino IDE as the version in the Ubuntu/Mint/Debian repositories is a little old:

At the time of writing I am using version 1.8.5

Configure Arduino IDE

First we need to import everything we need to operate the MKR Fox 1200 so first visit Tools > Board > Board Manager

Search for mkr fox, click the result for MKR Fox 1200 and click install:

Set the board within the IDE:  Tools > Board > Arduino Mkr Fox 1200

Next visit Sketch > Include Library > Manage Libraries …

Search for and install the latest library for mkr fox 1200:

Install Libraries

To use the Mkr Fox 1200 code library within your own code/sketch you will need several libraries. These can be installed from the menubar  Sketch > Include Library.

Search for and install:

  • Arduino Sigfox for Mkr Fox 1200
  • RTCZero
  • Arduino Low Power


Connect your Mkr Fox 1200

I plugged a micro USB cable from the Mr Fox 1200 into the USB port on my computer and it was detected by the Arduino IDE so that I could choose it from the menu under Tools > Port > /dev/ttyACM0 .  

From the menu choose Tools > Get Board Info :

Registering Mkr Fox 1200 on SigFox Network

But instead of that we are going to use the ‘First ‘ example sketch to register our new device on the Sigfox network.

The example code is loaded into the IDE as shown below:

Open the Serial Console by choosing Tools > Serial Monitor.

Load the ‘FirstConfiguration’ sketch by choosing File > Examples > Arduino Sigfox for Mkrfox1200 > FirstConfiguration

Run the code by clicking the ‘Upload’ button.

If the code compiles and executes successfully you should see output on the serial console:

You now have the PAC and ID info you will need to register the device on the Sigfox Network. Visit:

Follow the steps to register a new device and account.

My next step is to create some code to send some data!






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