Zookeeper install on CentOS 7

Good concise article here on devopscube for installing zookeeper cluster. I’ve added some of my own bits:


Disable firewalld or allow ports 2181 3888 2888

Install Java


Create a zookeeper user

Install Zookeeper

Download ZooKeeper from the Apache:

Set the permissions:

Add the following:

Test the service:

Ctrl-c out of that and lets create a systemd unit file for the service.


Add the following:



Running the following will give a client interface to the zookeeper service:

There are some examples here but you can create and get info as shown below:

To check which nodes are followers and which is the leader try issuing the following commands to each node:

There is excellent information on monitoring Zookeeper here (from ServerDenisty) and a Nagios check here.


  • Reset the user permissions on the /opt/zookeeper directory recursively
  • Switch off firewalld and/or check a telnet connect to port 2181 on each node
  • Try switching to the zookeeper user (su – zookeeper -s /bin/bash) and run the zkServer.sh start command


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