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ntopng on CentOS 6


Ensure you have the EPEL repository installed first then do the following to add a repository for ntopng:

Add the following (the deri bit at the end below is not cut off – it works):

Install ntopng and dependencies:

Set the services to auto start on boot:

Ensure the GeoIP databases… Read more »

Installing Munin 2.x on Centos 6

Ensure you have the epel repository installed then:

The configuration file for Apache is located at:

Create the username/password file referred to in the above file:

Restart the munin-node service and ensure it starts on boot:

Restart the Apache service to ensure the munin conf is picked up:

Wait for… Read more »

gcp: Copy with a Progress Bar


I decided to try and use gcp by default in place of the normal cp command so that I would have a progress bar by default. On Ubuntu install gcp with:

Now to use gcp by default instead of cp:

Note: For a recursive copy use a lowercase ‘r’ rather than an uppercase… Read more »

Pxeboot CentOS Environment

Organised Chaos

While re-purposing a few old Google Search Appliances I set up a Network Boot Enviornment as follows: Install Dependencies

Configure tftp

Change tftp Permissions

Copy the Boot Files and DVD Files

Next I copied ISO files for CentOS distributions to the machine and mounted them loopback to retrieve… Read more »

smbclient: Special Characters and UTF-8

I have a PHP web application that communicates to Windows Shares via the smbclient binary. My problem was that some characters (particularly accented characters such as é ) were not being shown on the PHP page and were even causing lines of output to be omitted. After ensuring the PHP page was outputting UTF8 I… Read more »

Media Streaming on Ubuntu with Mediatomb


Install with:

Amend the /etc/mediatomb/config.xml file. I find the  configuration below works well for all the video types I throw at it. Then access the web interface at http://localhost:49152 logging in with mediatomb/mediatomb and add some video directories to be served. <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?> <config version=”2″ xmlns=”″ xmlns:xsi=”” xsi:schemaLocation=””><!– Read /usr/share/doc/mediatomb-common/README.gz section 6 for… Read more »

Exim Troubleshooting

We had a bit of difficulty yesterday with LDAP / Active Directory authentication within Exim. Sending mail via SMTP with authentication was timing out and it looked like a TLS error.

We got to the bottom of the problem by running exim in debug mode as the logs were not giving enough details. Stop… Read more »

Manipulating Image Metadata for Stock Photos


On a Linux desktop one thing I miss is the ability to easily add metadata (exif / iptc) to the images I upload to stock photo websites. Adding this metadata makes it much easier to submit the same photo to multiple websites. The ‘File Info’ command in Photoshop does what I want but I haven’t… Read more »

Automounting Netgear ReadyNAS CIFS Shares

I wanted to use Autofs to auto-mount the shares on my Netgear ReadyNAS upon entering specific directories so… Install pre-requisites:


Add the line:


And added the following lines:

Note that I have used ‘nas’ instead of the nas IP address and I also opted not to use a… Read more »

wine cmd.exe /c echo ‘%ProgramFiles%’ returned empty string

I had this problem today:

When I was trying to run Winetricks:

Until I realised that I was trying to run winetricks as root rather than as my normal unprivileged user. Just in case it helps anyone else.