Disk Space Usage on Linux

An example of narrowing down disk space usage issues on Linux. Starting with the following command:

df -h

We see that the root volume has 16% space left.

Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
129G  103G   20G  84% /
cd /

We need to run the du command but I wanted to exclude the nfsmounts of several terabytes to get the answer quicker:

du --exclude=nfsmount1 --exclude=nfsmount2  -sh *

We can see the problem is in the /home directory so

cd /home; du  -sh *

Eventually we can get to the culprit:

disk usage

If you have a Linux box handy you could also use ‘Disk Usage Analyser‘ for a graphical display of disk usage using the ‘Scan Remote Folder’ option.

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