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Testing Proxy.pac Files

I decided to do a bit of checking on the proxy.pac file we were using. I grepped through our Apache access log files to pull out all of the IP addresses accessing the file over the year:

Armed with the list of IP addresses I next fired up pactester. Pactester Pactester is available from… Read more »

Coloring Bash Output

Colour bash shell script output

I wanted to add some colour to the output of my bash shell script and was able to do so with the following – very simple red and green:

Radius with LDAP Authentication

The notes here are a quick howto for using LDAP authentication against Active Directory. It is possible to use Samba/Winbind/Kerberos authentication within Radius too and I may post those notes when I get a chance but for now this is how I implemented it with LDAP. Install required software on CentOS/Red Hat:

Edit the… Read more »

Apache Directory Studio (Softerra Alternative)

I was looking for an alternative to the Windows software ‘Softerra LDAP Browser’  and I stumbled upon Apache Directory Studio. Apache Directory Studio is based on Eclipse and allows browsing to LDAP directories, searching and editing. I tested it with connections to Active Directory, Novell eDirectory and another lesser known LDAP directory. Install Apache Directory… Read more »

LPIC in practice: init=/bin/bash


Today I had a problem booting my Ubuntu desktop – with booting stuck on the purple screen. An Alt-1 showed me that there were problems with the disk and a manual fsck should be run. So at the Grub screen I pressed ‘e’ to edit the current entry and on the linux (kernel) line I… Read more »

Simple File Share with Samba

Just making a copy of a /etc/samba/smb.conf file that works for sharing a single directory within a private network. There is no security / privacy just a public share.

proftpd Unable to open config file: /etc/security/pam_env.conf

Although it wasn’t causing any problems I wanted to stop proftpd logging these lines:

Many other people also appear to have the same problem. The solution appears to be to edit the file /etc/pam.d/proftpd and change the contents from:


Hope this helps someone else.

Improving the Munin Layout

Munin Alternative Template

Following on from Fran Diéguez’s post about Munin Layout I found that the layout didn’t work for me – there appeared to be a few broken links – or maybe I hadn’t deleted the style.css file. In any case I decided to fiddle with the template styles from Fran’s download and I have uploaded the… Read more »

DriveReady SeekComplete Error

On some CentOS VMs running on VMWare I was seeing the following errors in the syslog:

Looks like while installing munin-node a plugin was configured to check the SMART hard disk temperature and this check was failing so to stop the error messages


Fabric: Getting Started Tutorial

Hopefully this may help someone else out there who is looking for a good excuse to use Fabric in anger. I install Fabric on my local Ubuntu desktop using:

With Fabric installed I created a new directory for playing around and inside that folder created a file named as follows:

With the… Read more »