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up2date – unknown GPG signature

I had previously installed lftp – can’t remember from where but it was now stopping up2date due to a missing key. The package lftp-3.7.3-1.el4.rf is signed, but with an unknown GPG key. Aborting…Package lftp-3.7.3-1.el4.rf has a unknown GPG signature. Aborting… I need to sort out the key but temporarily sorted with: up2date –nox –configure and… Read more »

Password-less SSH in 5 minutes

Connecting to remote servers using SSH is very common in systemadministration and involves entering the command : sshuser@remotehostname and the corresponding password. It is possible to use public keys with SSH to allow the remote host to accept SSH connections from you without password authentication. This can beuseful for automatically scheduled tasks (CRON jobs) for… Read more »

PHP 5.2.0 Upgrade and Issues

In the official yum repositories for Red Hat/CentOS for RHEL5 / CentOS 5.1 the current version of PHP is (at time of writing) 5.1.6 however when trying to install the Magento e-commerce application required PHP version 5.2.0 or higher. To upgrade PHP to 5.2.5 I followed some instructions here on using the Remi repository i.e…. Read more »