ntopng on CentOS 6

Ensure you have the EPEL repository installed first then do the following to add a repository for ntopng:

Add the following (the deri bit at the end below is not cut off – it works):

Install ntopng and dependencies:

Set the services to auto start on boot:

Ensure the GeoIP databases are oresent:

If the GeoIP files are not there you will want to download them from maxmind.

Next move to the ntopng configuration directory:

Edit the start file:

Amend it with the details for your own network e.g.

Next copy the sample config file:

and edit it:

I changed the .gid to .pid for consistency:

Start the services:

Use netstat to ensure that ntopng is listening on port 3000:

add a line for IPTables to allow access to the web interface:

View the web interface:

Log in with:
username: admin
password: admin

ntopng ntopng


7 Responses to “ntopng on CentOS 6”

  1. Fadhili

    Hi there thanks for the lesson.
    I have managed to install ntopng on Centos 6.
    But something happened. In the log in page, when i enter username and password admin/admin it does not work. I stuck over here.

  2. BozanianGUy

    ntop.repo updated content that worked for me

    name=ntop packages
    name=ntop packages


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