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Managing RDP Remote Desktop Sessions/Users

RDP Session Manager

It took me a little digging to re-discover the name of this tool that allows remotely logging RDP users off from other servers so I thought I would write it down in case I need a reminder. The command to run is: tsadmin.msc Or it can be added directly from the MMC.

Rebuild Win 2008R2 Domain Controller with Same Name


We recently needed to rebuild a Windows 2008R2 Domain Controller from scratch using the same name as it previously used. So we first needed to remove the existing server details from the Directory using ntdsutil as follows (copied from MS site): 1. Click Start, point to Programs, point to Accessories, and then click Command Prompt…. Read more »

Run Windows MMC as a different user

Windows runas command

While logged in to a Windows Desktop as a normal domain user (jonny) I wanted to be able to run the Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in as a Domain Admin user (adm-jonny) to do so requires using the ‘runas’ command. When I had first tried using the ‘runas’ command I had problems related to… Read more »

smbclient: Special Characters and UTF-8

I have a PHP web application that communicates to Windows Shares via the smbclient binary. My problem was that some characters (particularly accented characters such as √© ) were not being shown on the PHP page and were even causing lines of output to be omitted. After ensuring the PHP page was outputting UTF8 I… Read more »

RSA Security Console Forgotten Admin Password

RSA Security Console

My colleague forgot the password he used for the admin user account on the RSA Security Console – since it needs to be changed and a previously used password cannot be re-used. We have it installed on a Windows Server 2008 so to create a temporary admin account: Open Command Prompt Change directory to the… Read more »

Windows 2008 Disk Space and CBS.log

CBS.log Disk Usage Analyzer

I noticed one of our Windows 2008 servers running low on space on the C: drive and used Disk Usage Analyzer to scan the disk. I had been suspecting the winsxs directory as this has been a culprit in the past: However, this time it turned out to be the C:\Windows\Logs\CBS\CBS.log file at almost 18GB:… Read more »

MS SQL Server Monitor Queries

On a misbehaving application we were seeing 200 transactions per second to a MS SQL Server database when normally there would be approximately 10 queries per second. To analyse the type of SQL queries received by the server I used ‘SQL Server Profiler’ as follows: File > New Trace … Connect to the database if… Read more »

Windows Server 2008 Gotchas

¬†Install SNMP Service Under Server Manager choose ‘Add Features’. Add the SNMP Service (and telnet client too if you’re interested). Configure the SNMP strings from Administrative Tools > Services. Right-click on the SNMP service and choose Properties. Under the ‘Security’ tab set the community strings and addresses from which SNMP can be accessed. Allow Pings… Read more »

Winsxs Folder Size on Windows 2008

Disk Usage Analyser Winsxs Folder

Fast running out of space on a Windows 2008 server. The problem folder was c:\Windows\system32\winsxs at 14.2 GB usage. The following clean-up command should help by removing service-pack packages which have been superseded: DISM.exe /online /Cleanup-Image /spsuperseded

LiveCD to Reset Windows Administrator Account

live cd reset administrator account windows Download Ultimate Boot CD and burn it to a CD or USB thumb drive. Boot the machine from UBCD and from the menu choose: HDD Data Recovery Offline NT Password & Registry Editor Follow the steps choosing the Windows 7 partition and using the defaults until you get to… Read more »