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Server Technology Sentry Switched CDU

Sentry CDU

A few notes for future reference. I am playing with a power distribution unit from Server Technology  – Model CW-16VE-P32M Initially to configure the device I plugged both the Cabinet Distribution Unit (CDU) unit and a laptop into a switch, setting the IP address to the same subnet as the unit. I set the laptop… Read more »

Installing Darkstat on CentOS 6


The darkstat software is available in the rpmforge repository so you will need to install RPMforge first: rpm -Uvh Then install Darkstat with: yum –enablerepo=rpmforge install darkstat My scenario was to use darkstat to monitor traffic on a local 192.168.161.* network so I used the following command: /usr/sbin/darkstat -i eth1 –no-dns -p 10001 -b… Read more »

Reset ntopng admin password

I had a comment on my recent Ntopng article from a user who needed to reset the admin password on ntopng. Ntopng uses redis as a backend data store. So first check that the redis server is actually running: netstat -luntap | grep redis You should get output similar to: tcp        0      0    *                  … Read more »

ntopng on CentOS 6


Ensure you have the EPEL repository installed first then do the following to add a repository for ntopng: vi /etc/yum.repos.d/ntop.repo Add the following (the deri bit at the end below is not cut off – it works): [ntop] name=ntop packages baseurl=$releasever/$basearch/ enabled=1 gpgcheck=1 gpgkey= Install ntopng and dependencies: yum install pfring n2disk nProbe ntopng ntopng-data… Read more »

Cisco Router Emulation with GNS3

GNS3 Create Router

I followed the GNS3 instructions for installation and simple topology. GNS3 can be installed from the Ubuntu Software Centre (below) or from the command line with: sudo apt-get install gns3 After installation GNS3 was available from the Education sub-menu. On first run the Setup Wizard appears. I clicked the big ‘1’ button to and from… Read more »

Command Line Wireless Trouble-shooting

I wanted to compare the command line output of a working Wifi connection versus a connection at a location that was giving us trouble. To do so I used Ubuntu (12.10) on a laptop and used the following commands – in a script if necessary. First a configuration file to use with the wpa-supplicant –… Read more »

Dynamic DNS to Raspberry Pi

I now have my Raspberry Pi hanging off my router – just two cables – a USB cable to the USB port on the router for power and one ethernet cable. 1. Static IP Address I edited the file: /etc/network/interfaces replacing: iface eth0 inet dhcp with iface eth0 inet static address netmask gateway… Read more »

Radius Moving IP Address

When moving a radius service from one machine to another I had to do the following: On the first machine bring down the IP address: ifconfig eth0 down On the new machine, create a file for the new IP address: vi /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0:1 DEVICE=eth0:1 BOOTPROTO=static HWADDR=00:16:3E:6D:BD:63 IPADDR= NETMASK= NETWORK= ONBOOT=yes And bring up the interface with:… Read more »

Ubuntu 12.04 QUB Wireless

Using Ubuntu 12.04 on QUB Wifi poses a few problems as there is a bug (bug report) in the version of libssl shipped with 12.04. To resolve the issue you need to downgrade the version of libssl If you follow the instructions from comment #37 on that bug report then you’re able to connect to… Read more »

OpenVAS Vulnerability Scanner

Installing on CentOS 6.2: Configure Atomicorp Repository (as user root, only once) wget -q -O – |sh Quick-Install OpenVAS (as user root, only once) yum install openvas openvas-setup Openvas-setup takes some time to run and downloads rules and prompts for an admin user and password etc. Openvas Setup, Version: 0.3 Step 1: Update NVT’s… Read more »