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Creating a Yum Repository

Armed with a few RPMs I need to install on multiple machines and sick of SCP’ing files around machines I decided to set up a Yum repository. Here’s how: On a machine that already has Apache running and serving content: yum install createrepo cd /var/www/html/centos/5/qub/x86_64 createrepo /var/www/html/centos/5/qub/x86_64 Then on each client machine aiming to use… Read more »

PHP 5.2.0 Upgrade and Issues

In the official yum repositories for Red Hat/CentOS for RHEL5 / CentOS 5.1 the current version of PHP is (at time of writing) 5.1.6 however when trying to install the Magento e-commerce application required PHP version 5.2.0 or higher. To upgrade PHP to 5.2.5 I followed some instructions here on using the Remi repository i.e…. Read more »