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SSH Socks Proxy for Web Browsing Private Network

We were configuring OpenStack on a private 192.168 network and needed to use a web browser to browse to the OpenStack dashboard. The quickest easiest way to do that is by: ssh -D 8888 jonny@sshgateway From the ssh manpage: -D Specifies a local “dynamic” application-level port forwarding.  This works by allocating a socket to listen… Read more »

SSH config for SSH Proxy Hopping

I regularly need to connect to SSH hosts behind a firewall via a single SSH host with SSH access enabled. Since I am connecting to many hosts through this proxy SSH host I can make my life a little easier by adding some entries to my ~/.ssh/config file: If I add the following: Host internalhost… Read more »

SSH tunnel

The following created an SSH tunnel from my local desktop port 8181 to a remote server port 8181 on which Squid was running so I could point my browser to local port 8181 and the web browsing traffic would be sent over an encrypted connection: ssh -f -N -q -L 8181:localhost:8181 -f tells ssh… Read more »

Password-less SSH in 5 minutes

Connecting to remote servers using SSH is very common in systemadministration and involves entering the command : sshuser@remotehostname and the corresponding password. It is possible to use public keys with SSH to allow the remote host to accept SSH connections from you without password authentication. This can beuseful for automatically scheduled tasks (CRON jobs) for… Read more »