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IntegraTUM Web Disk

I decided to test IntegraTUM Web Disk which can provide a web interface to Samba shares, and just to get a demo working I did the following – these are not necessarily the best options for actual deployment.The first problem I had with this app was setting the tmp directory and I eventually used:                <param-name>uploadpath</param-name>               … Read more »


Certwatch checks for Apache certificates which are due to expire. By default on Red Hat / Centos there is a cron job in /etc/cron.daily which runs and sends its output to root. To configure it: vi /etc/sysconfig/httpd Add a line such as: CERTWATCH_OPTS=”–period 30 –address my.user@domain.tld” It is also possible to switch it off with:… Read more »

Red Hat up2date Subscription

If the Red Hat subscription expires. Edit the following file: /etc/sysconfig/rhn/sources Comment out the following line: up2date default Then add this line: yum dag$ARCH/dag


When using SSL connections ot an ldap server (active directory) the ldap functions worked with non-SSL connections but not with ldaps connections. I believe this is because I was using the hostname of the LDAP server rather than the service name and thus the SSL certificate did not match the server name I was using…. Read more »

Grub 2 Windows 7

I had initially installed Windows 7 then Ubuntu 9.10 on a singe SATA disk. Later I added an IDE disk and plugged in the SATA DVD drive and can no longer boot into Windows 7, with the error: error: invalid signaturePress any key to continue.. Back in Ubuntu I could see that my inital SATA… Read more »

Debian chkconfig

On Debian-based systems adding a script to runlevels is accomplished with the following (assuming you have the script in /etc/init.d): update-rc.d -f myservicename start 80 2 3 4 5 . stop 30 0 1 6 . The priority (80 for start and 30 forstop) is set and the runlevels (starting in 2 3 4 5… Read more »

Website Statistics with Visitors

As a useful addition to the webstats armory Visitors offers a quick way of getting a HTML report of site usage from server logs. We mainly use AWstats, Webalizer and Analytics products (Google Analytics, Piwik) but I found Visitors useful today. Install from Synaptic or with: sudo apt-get install visitors Then run it against your… Read more »

Easy Peasy on the eeepc

I decided to have a play installing Easy Peasy on the 7″ eeepc I borrowed from my sister.Setting it up was quite easy:1. Download the iso (at a whopping 800Mb)2. Download the helper script, make it executable and run it3. Choose the iso and specify a USB drive to install the easy peasy live distribution… Read more »

Shell Script: Search for Strings in Web Files

I used this shell script to search through some web directories for references to particular strings – just for future reference.The find command only greps in html, php and pdf files: the -o switch is an OR. #!/bin/bashPATHTOSEARCH=/path/to/webrootFIND=/usr/bin/findNICE=/bin/nicePATTERN=’Media,1234,en.pdf|Media,1235,en.pdf|Media,1236,en.pdf’ $NICE $FIND $PATHTOSEARCH -type f \( -name ‘*.html’ -o -name ‘*.php’ -o -name ‘*.htm’ -o -name ‘*.pdf’… Read more »

PHP, Pear, PECL and UploadProgress

I had need to use the UploadProgress and SMTP Mail PECL PHP extensions so a brief overview: Check pear is installed and working: # which pear To get a list of help/commands: # pear help Run the updates: # pear channel-update Show the installed packages: # pear list This will install the Mail package… Read more »