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Bulk Delete Emails in Gmail

Gmail bulk delete messages

I had a bunch of emails sent from one of my own automated notification systems that I wanted to remove from Gmail. Doing a search in Gmail showed the first batch of 50 emails but the key to removing them all in one go is when ticking the ‘Select All’ checkbox (see below) a message… Read more »

Postfix with Amavisd-new on Plesk & Centos

For future reference: I installed Amavisd on CentOS and configured it to be used within Postfix following instructions here and here. I had also configured ClamAV and Spamassassin but those instructions are for another day. yum install amavisd-new I had some error messages starting amavisd and it was necessary for me to install the Mail::SPF… Read more »

Sophie make problems

I had a few stumbles when setting up Sophie, so for future reference: v3.05 checking for DllGetClassObject in -lsavi… noHave you downloaded the correct version of Sophos? There are a few versions available (AMD64 etc) v3.0 checking for SAVIsweepFile in -lsavi… noHave you downloaded the latest version of Sophie Sophie will not make on AMD64I… Read more »

Sophie Sweep finds virus but Sophie does not

I found that the sweep command would show a file as a virus yet some of these files were still getting through our mail system past Sophie. There wasn’t much on the web describing this problem so I am posting here for future reference. In the sophie.savi configuration file change GrpSuper: 0 to GrpSuper: 1

Spamassassin Upgrade to 3.2.4 Problem

We probably don’t have a straight-forward spamd configuration so there wasn’t much noise out there from other people suffering this same issue so i think it may be peculiar to us.I upgraded from spamassassin 3.2.3 to 3.2.4 but received the following error when starting the service: cannot use –sql-config without -u As we are using… Read more »