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Sophie make problems

I had a few stumbles when setting up Sophie, so for future reference: v3.05 checking for DllGetClassObject in -lsavi… noHave you downloaded the correct version of Sophos? There are a few versions available (AMD64 etc) v3.0 checking for SAVIsweepFile in -lsavi… noHave you downloaded the latest version of Sophie Sophie will not make on AMD64I… Read more »

Sophie Sweep finds virus but Sophie does not

I found that the sweep command would show a file as a virus yet some of these files were still getting through our mail system past Sophie. There wasn’t much on the web describing this problem so I am posting here for future reference. In the sophie.savi configuration file change GrpSuper: 0 to GrpSuper: 1

Swap Space Labels

A few issues today with a machine that had been left to boot with its swap space on the SAN. So I wanted to tell the machine to use the swap space on the local disk so I could refer to it in /etc/fstab by its label. So I tried: e2label /dev/sdf3 SWAP-local which didn’t… Read more »

Converting Squid Timestamps

I found the following perl snippet here to convert a squid log file into one with readable times:

It can be used like this:./ inputfile.txt > outputfile-withhumantime.txt

Spamassassin Upgrade to 3.2.4 Problem

We probably don’t have a straight-forward spamd configuration so there wasn’t much noise out there from other people suffering this same issue so i think it may be peculiar to us.I upgraded from spamassassin 3.2.3 to 3.2.4 but received the following error when starting the service: cannot use –sql-config without -u As we are using… Read more »

NTP Daemon

On Ubuntu:Install with: apt-get install ntp-simple ntpdate Edit /etc/ntp.conf and add your ntp servers in the server section e.g. server ntp.domain.tld Restart the service: /etc/init.d/ntp-server restart On CentOS/Red Hat:Ensure that ntp is installed service –list ntpd or install with: yum install ntp Edit /etc/ntp.conf and add your ntp servers in the server section e.g. server… Read more »

Webcam on Ubuntu Just Works : Canyon CNR-WCAM413

I bought this particular webcam Canyon CNR-WCAM413 through Amazon as it was reported to just work on Linux – and it does on Ubuntu 8.04. Thanks to that french guy who laboured away at making drivers for all these devices! Plugged it in, booted up and an lsusb showed: jonny@nova:~$ lsusbBus 005 Device 003: ID… Read more »

Change Hostname

Great article here.Check current hostname: hostname Change the hostname in the following files: vi /etc/sysconfig/networkvi /etc/hosts Now run: hostname mynewhostname restart networking /etc/init.d/network restart

Forward Root’s Mail

Forwarding the email sent to root on a system to another email /etc/aliases # Person who should get root’s mailroot: The run:/usr/bin/newaliases Test it.

Turn off pings

The follwing file can be set to 0 or 1. 0 does not allow pings on any interface and 1 switches it back on. /proc/sys/net/ipv4/icmp_echo_ignore_all