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Ubuntu Desktop Showing Home Folder Contents

I was playing with a shell script to rename a bunch of image files to lowercase then resize them but I had a typo in one of my variables resulting in accidentally renaming all the folders in my home directory with lowercase names. After next log in I now see the home folder contents displayed… Read more »

Troubleshooting Munin

Having given up on installing and using Munin once already I thought I would jot a few notes to help in future troubleshooting. Test the connection by telnet from the munin-server to the munin-nodetelnet mynode 4949list [you should get a list of services available]fetch vmstat [you should get some vmstat numbers] Firewall is the munin-node… Read more »

Plesk SSL Certificates from Comodo

Trying a free SSL cert from Comodo and had some difficulties with an error message: The CA certificate does not sign the certificate So downloaded the following CA bundle: used that instead of the one supplied in the email and the certificate was accepted.The install instructions here explain the process for Plesk. If using a… Read more »

Plesk ClamAV and SpamAssassin: ART

Configuring Plesk’s version of Qmail to use Clam and Spamassassin. I followed the instructions here: I also received an error: Cannot find any reference to the Q-S administrator Email address in  and needed to: vi /var/qmail/control/defaultdomain entering my domain name mybigdomain.tld Useful File Locations: /etc/qmail-scanner.ini/etc/mail/spamassassin/

Courier IMAP maximum connections

Just increased the maximum number of IMAP (courier) connections (for thunderbird and Mac users) in /etc/courier-imap/imapdMAXDAEMONS from 40 to 80MAXPERIP from 4 to 40as discussed here. I also set DEBUG_LOGIN=1 from DEBUG_LOGIN=0so I could use Munin to count the IMAP logins in the maillog.

Printing Color Syntax Highlighted Code on Ubuntu

There are other ways to achieve this but I like this method.Using Komodo Edit – a free/open-source light code editor licensed under various licenses including GPL, LGPL, MPL.The source code can be downloaded from: by running: ./ To print colour syntax-highlighted code choose File > Print > Print to HTML file and choose a… Read more »

Proftpd mod_tls and Jscape FTP applet

Recent problem with a Proftpd server configuration on Red Hat/Centos. I had configured mod_tls but on this newer version of the module I had to add the following lines to my proftpd.conf file for the JScape FTP applet to work with:Connection Type FTP/SSL (AUTH TLS) TLSProtocol             SSLv23TLSOptions              NoCertRequest I had been previously been using the… Read more »

Ubuntu Convert YouTube Video to MP3

Having recently heard an acoustic version of VV Brown’s Shark in the Water I wanted an audio file I could listen to until it is released in 2 weeks. There was an acoustic version in a London Cab on Youtube so: I grabbed the youtube video using youtube-dl (get it with Synaptic) youtube-dl “” I… Read more »

cp: overwrite – force yes

Getting a bit peeved with the copy command prompting to overwrite files. cp -rf ./* ./another/location/cp: overwrite `/filename.conf’? y The ‘-i’ interactive option is obviously aliases into the copy command on Centos (even the -f option was not overriding this for me) but a quick way of overriding the aliasing behaviour is to prefix the… Read more »

Extracting ISO files

Needing to extract the contents of a CentOS iso file so that it could be used to http / kickstart installs: mkdir tmp_mntmkdir ./5.3mount -o loop ./CentOS-5.3-x86_64-bin-DVD.iso ./tmp_mntcp -R ./tmp_mnt/* ./5.3