Wheaten Bread

Ingredients:8 oz Plain Flour4 oz Wholemeal Flour1 tsp baking soda1 tsp salt1 tsp sugarhalf pint of buttermilkMix and roll then coat with flour. Bake at 170 for 45 minutes. Cover in tea towels when cooling.


Ingredients:8oz Plain Flour2oz Caster Sugar1 egg1 tsp baking soda1 tsp salt1 dessert spoon of Golden SyrupHalf pint buttermilkMix all ingredients well. Coat a frying pan with a little butter. On a low heat (e.g. 2) add a tablespoon of the mixture. Cook... » More

up2date – unknown GPG signature

I had previously installed lftp - can't remember from where but it was now stopping up2date due to a missing key.The package lftp-3.7.3-1.el4.rf is signed, but with an unknown GPG key. Aborting...Package lftp-3.7.3-1.el4.rf has a unknown GPG signature.... » More

Calf cramps after swimming

I have been experiencing cramps and pain in my right calf for a few weeks now which has forced me to cut down my swimming. The problem started when I was lying asleep in bed and took a cramp which was very sore.Reading this good article has given me a... » More

Plesk 8.4.0 Upgrage – httpd 100%

Scary biscuits. I upgraded Plesk base packages 8.4.0 to 8.6.0, and I usually do the base packages before the other stuff. The base update went fine so I moved on to the other available updates e.g. mailman, application vault, java ssh client, billing,... » More

Powershell Scheduled Task

To run a powershell script from a scheduled task the following can be used:C:\WINDOWS\system32\windowspowershell\v1.0\powershell.exe "& 'c:\scripts\Send-ExchangeServerSummary.ps1'"

Add Exchange Snapin to Windows Powershell

Trying to run exchange-specific commands in the windows powershell returns errors so to make the windows powershell aware of the exchange commands we need to add the appropriate snap in with:Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.Exchange.Management.Powershell.AdminThat... » More

Exchange 2007 Re-build Problem

We had a problem when re-building one of our client access / hub transport machines from scratch. The Exchange installation would not proceed as the machine existed before with the same hostname.To solve this we used the ADSI Edit snap-in in an MMC and:... » More

Killing Memory Hogs

On an old server I temporarily added the following script as a cron job to find and kill processes using too much memory. This is just a stop gap until we get to the root of the problem.#!/bin/bashfor i in `ps -efl | grep "httpd" | awk '{ if ($10 >... » More