Google Docs

I tried a few options for downloading documents from GoogleDocs, some methods are geared more for synchronising one document at a time but I needed something to take a full backup of all my GoogleDocs for offline sharing. I found the Google Doc Download... » More

autofs mounting WIndows Shares on CentOS 5

Create a directory for the mountpoint:mkdir /mnt/mywinserverTemporarily mount: mount -t cifs // /mnt/mywinserver -o username=jonny,password=letmein For a more permanent mount  edit /etc/auto.master file add a line like:... » More

Ubuntu ATI Graphics Driver

I had a few difficulties with playing video on Ubuntu with false/inverted colours so the reds were blue, and also so jitters in the video play.I followed the instructions here: and for the time being the... » More

cPanel and mod_security

cPanel allows for adding some apache and PHP modules using the web interface (and a script they call easyapache). This can be found under Software > Apache UpdateAfter installing mod_security the main configuration file is found at:... » More

Using Several Servers with phpMyAdmin

To use the same phpMyAdmin installation to service several MySQL servers edit the file and add the following lines - don't forget the $i++ line:$i++;$cfg = 'cookie'; $cfg = '';$cfg = 'tcp';$cfg =... » More

Test SMTP with Telnet

Useful for finding problems with new installations.telnet 25.Key in "EHLO" and press enter.Key in "MAIL FROM:" and press enter.Key in "RCPT TO:" and press... » More

Slow SSH Logins

On a new CentOS 5.1 install there was a dleay while logging in via SSH. Using the -v option i.e. # ssh -v jonny@servername gave more verbose output with the following messages: debug1: Authentications that can continue:... » More

MySQL Logging Notes

Enabling some extra logging options on MySQL is useful for temporary close analysis of what is actually going on with your server and applications. Logging Slow Queries To switch on the logging of queries which take a long time (default 10 seconds) enter... » More

SSH Tunneling with a MySQL Example

SSH tunnelling can be used to secure communications of non-secure protocols between two computers. For the purposes of this example I have a server running MySQL which I will call . The default port for MySQL is 3306 but by default it... » More