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Install check_mk on Ubuntu 18.04

Ubuntu 18.04 includes check-mk in the repository version but it is an older version 1.2.8 (at the time of writing). Download check mk raw (get the latest stable URL from the website) :

Try installing it:

You may get dependency issues which can be resolved with:

Then try the install again:

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Windows Nagios Checks using NSClient

Munin Alternative Template

I wanted to add some checks to a Windows server and the methods seem to have changed a little over the years. At the moment I have amended the nsclient.ini file on the Windows box with:

Then from the Nagios box I can check CPU with a threshold as follows:

We can also… Read more »

Docker jasonrivers/nagios Permissions Problem

I was running this docker image proxied via traefik but I was receiving an error message in the Nagios web interface: docker nagios Error: Could not read object configuration data And in the logs from the container:

To solve the issue I connected to the container:

And set the nagios user as the… Read more »

Nagios Check for Windows Updates


My colleagues have been getting a little frustrated by the “Plugin Timeout” messages in Nagios resulting from the length of time it takes to check for Windows Updates. I had been using Jules Check for Windows Updates  that essentially boils down to calling:

So I took Jules’ work and divided the powershell script into… Read more »

Improving the Munin Layout

Munin Alternative Template

Following on from Fran Diéguez’s post about Munin Layout I found that the layout didn’t work for me – there appeared to be a few broken links – or maybe I hadn’t deleted the style.css file. In any case I decided to fiddle with the template styles from Fran’s download and I have uploaded the… Read more »

SNMP with Nagios

I thought I would jot down a few notes about today’s adventures with SNMP. Specifically using SNMP with Nagios mostly on Red Hat/CentOS. I have an appliance from a third-party from which I would like to monitor and graph performance. So view this as a beginner howto for future reference. There is good info here… Read more »

Nagios NRPE Plugin on CentOS

Nagios is is a useful tool for monitoring many servers and their services. At a glance (or via email) you can see which services/hosts are experiencing problems.Monitoring public services such as HTTP, FTP, LDAP, SSH are relatively easy but to go a little further and check disk or swap usage on a remote machine use… Read more »