Improving the Munin Layout

Following on from Fran DiĆ©guez’s post about Munin Layout I found that the layout didn’t work for me – there appeared to be a few broken links – or maybe I hadn’t deleted the style.css file. In any case I decided to fiddle with the template styles from Fran’s download and I have uploaded the results to github.


To use these templates in Munin:

  • Download the zip file from github
  • Create a new directory for your templates e.g.
    mkdir /etc/munin/templates_alt
  • Unzip the file into that directory
  • Move the old templates directory e.g.
    mv /etc/munin/templates /etc/munin/templates_default
  • Move the new templates into place e.g.
    mv /etc/munin/templates_alt /etc/munin/templates
  • Remove files from the www directory as they will not be overwritten by the new files
    cd /var/www/munin; rm ./logo.png ./style.css ./favicon.ico
  • You may also need to manually copy the favicon.ico file into the /var/www/munin directory if you wish to use it
  • Wait 5 minutes for the Munin update process and check the results

The CSS list styles came from here.


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