MS SQL Server Monitor Queries

On a misbehaving application we were seeing 200 transactions per second to a MS SQL Server database when normally there would be approximately 10 queries per second.

To analyse the type of SQL queries received by the server I used ‘SQL Server Profiler’ as follows:

SQL Server Profiler

File > New Trace …

SQL Server Profiler

Connect to the database if necessary.SQL Server Profiler

Specify that you would like to save the results of the trace to a file:

SQL Server ProfilerUnder the Events Selection tab you can choose the type of events (SQL, Stored Procedures) that you wish to record:

SQL Server Profiler Travce OptionsThe results are presented on screen but the trace file could also be opened in another instance of the Profiler:

SQL Server Profiler

SELECT 1 – how useful is that query?



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