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Partition table entries are not in disk order

A friend contacted me with a problem booting into Windows. I asked him to boot into Ubuntu and this is what we found. Gparted reported the disk as ‘unallocated’ and ‘Cannot have overlapping partitions’ an ‘fdisk -l’ told me ‘Partition table entries are not in disk order’. The NTFS partition for Windows could not be… Read more »

Windows Permissions

After restoring files from a backup on Windows 2008 I was receiving the message: “unable to display current owner”. To recursively change the owner on the folders right-click on the Command Prompt and choose “Run asĀ  Administrator” then use the command: takeown /f “c:\folder\subfolder” /r I also had to use the icacls command to actually… Read more »

Windows 7 ATI Mobility Radeon 1600

So my laptop graphics card is legacy! And on a Windows 7 install the graphics were poor – not sure whether to blame AMD or Microsoft because it was all very smooth under Ubuntu 12.04. Anyway to allow the install of Vista drivers the Mobility Modder needs to be used on the drivers first. After… Read more »

The Cost of Microsoft Windows 7

It’s free – it came with my computer Love them or hate them Microsoft are effective in business. One of their methods of peddling their product is to ensure that all dealers supply their product by default and bully the dealer if they try to supply a competitors product. When Dell hinted that they would… Read more »

Grepping for LizaMoon infected website files

The Liza Moon attack targets Microsoft SQL Server installations injecting javascript tags into website files. Although we are primarily using Unix/Linux servers I performed some scans using the following to check for lizamoon infection: find . -type f -exec egrep “\<script src=http\:\/\/.*\/ur\.php” {} \; On Windows Server I used Powershell and the following command: Get-ChildItem… Read more »

Firefox Windows 7 and Linux proxy.pac

Had a problem today with Firefox on Windows 7 and Firefox on Linux. Upon reading our proxy.pac (wpad) file the if statements were not working: if(isInNet(myIpAddress(), “”,”″)) According to this post on Mozilla the problem is due to how FF/Win7 reports the ipv6 address, rather than the ipv4 version. So the solution was to add… Read more »

Exporting Active Directory Data

I had a need to export particular data of users from a specific group in Active Directory. Windows has two tools for this: cvsde and ldifde – the de stands for Directory Exchange.So the following gives an example of exporting to CSV data of users from a group. I just ran this from a Windows… Read more »

Exporting Global Address List

I was thinking of trying to export/convert the Exchange Global Address List GAL so that I could then import this into other email client address books such as Evolution or Thunderbird. While it would be possible to do this with any language and running an LDAP search I happened upon the following micro$oft tools: csvde… Read more »

Ophcrack Recover Passwords

Ophcrack LiveCD can be used to recover lost Windows passwords based on rainbow tables. It is a very efficient implementation of rainbow tables done by the inventors of the method. It comes with a Graphical User Interface and runs on multiple platforms.