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Favicon Generator

Note to Self: The service at is great for generating favicon’s and icons for other mobile platforms.    

Web Stats Definitions


Over the past few days I have had a number of questions asking about the meanings of phrases used in AWStats. So to summarise: BW BW stands for bandwidth  – the amount of megabytes/gigabytes used per month – this was important when people paid for the amount of bandwidth their website used. It can also be… Read more »

Very Cheap Wildcard SSL Certificate

At $59 per year this has to be the cheapest Wildcard SSL cert ever – my only deliberation is will they still be around for the year?

WordPress Bones: First Steps with CSS/less

Note quite a tutorial but I have taken my first steps with the WordPress Bones theme. After downloading Bones I extracted bones into the ./wp-content/themes folder. To amend the CSS I edited the files in the ./library/less/ folder. Specifically I edited the _base.less and _mixins.less files to set colours for links etc. After amending the… Read more »

Page Speed Techniques

I’ve been playing around with the valuable feedback from  Google Page Speed analysis and have managed to significantly improve the scores on some of my websites. For future reference I have made some notes below. Image Optimisation It is possible to optimise JPEG images with little impact on image quality. sudo apt-get install jpegoptim find… Read more »

Inman Aligner Ireland

Dentist Andy Wallace has launched a new website for cost-effective teeth alignment services he provides: Inman Aligner Ireland.

jQuery, jQuery-Validate and Twitter Bootstrap Dropdowns

I was having difficulty combining the use of Twitter Bootstrap, its Dropdown menus, jQuery and the jQuery Validate plugin. I was playing around with the order of the .js files finding that I could sometimes get the menus to work but not the validation and vice versa. The order below is what is working for… Read more »

jQuery Reading Shakespeare XML

I was helping someone with some jQuery to read XML files of Shakespeare plays and this is what I came up with. Very incomplete but he so I can reference it in future…. shaXpeare shaXpeare The plays of Shakespeare with added X Factor Home Contents Play Choose a Play: Choose a PlayTRAGEDIESAntony and CleopatraCoriolanusHamletJulius CaesarKing… Read more »

Visualising Social Networks like Facebook

I was asked to check out Gephi with the aim of visualizing Twitter and Facebook social networks. I installed Gephi on Ubuntu using the following (PPA): sudo apt-add-repository ppa:rockclimb/gephi-daily sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install gephi After installation visit the Tools > Plugins > Settings and enable the repositories. Then reload the catalog and install… Read more »

cPanel: Adding Apache and PHP Modules

I needed to add mysqli support to cPanel and did so by logging in to the WHM on port 2087 scrolling down the left menu to Software and clicking EasyApache (Apache Update) then followed the steps to recompile with my chosen options. Continuing with the default options were necessary and ticking MySQL Improved Extension This… Read more »