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Python Threads Querying CouchDB

With a list of 500,000 CouchDB endpoints to hit for info I wanted to speed up the process. There are multiple ways to do that but queues and threads worked fine for me. The script reads in a list from the file input.txt , then uses that to retrieve a list of documents from an… Read more »

Removing template_file from terraform state

I’ve run into this issue a few times so recording here for future reference. template_file has been deprecated in terraform but I occasionally perform a terraform init before realising that there is a template_file command in the code. I get the error: So I need to remove the template_file resource from state to continue. Listing… Read more »

Add Auth to Prometheus Container

Using docker-compose to run a prometheus container that I wanted basic auth added to. My docker-compose file is shown below: Notice that I am mounting a directory from the host into /etc/prometheus on the container exposing the web.yml file (see below). Also I am specifying the web.yml file as a command line parameter when prometheus… Read more »

Use Docker Registry in Podman

By default podman needs the full URL to pull in a docker image. So instead of: you need: To configure podman to to check the docker registry by default amend: And add the following

AWS Secrets Manager for EKS Env Variables

With an EKS cluster created I followed the AWS instructions for integrating secrets manager so I could pull secrets and use them as environment variables in pods. The secrets were mounted fine and I could cat them out when exec’ing into the container. However, nothing I did would allow the secrets to be used as… Read more »

Install MariaDB on MacOSX

Using brew to install MariaDB: To manage the service use ‘brew services’ e.g Notice that the install ran the following: So connect to MariaDB as your Mac user e.g. I used my mac user password. Or just with the mysql command e.g.

Hashicorp Nomad Dev Install on Debian

Ensure the deb repo is configured and install nomad: Environment Variables Development Mode These commands are for testing non-production tasks. In this example I am running on a server with IP address The web UI will be available on that IP port 4646 Check the status of the node: Running a test redis job… Read more »