The MapTiler Swindle: Update 2

Wee Jiri got back to me. The message is shown below but for the TLDR;

  • MapTiler have their own definitions of words and they do not match what you will see in any dictionary.
  • MapTiler don’t give a shit about their customers, they just want them to pay again and again.
  • MapTiler need better staff. The software is effective but these supporting staff and whoever wrote the first license :sigh:

In the paragraph labelled as ‘1’ Jiri & Jadek have redefined the meaning of ‘perpetual’ which you could look up for yourself. In the dictionary I checked I found words such as ‘endless’, ‘uninterrupted’ and ‘never ending’. However MapTiler have re-defined perpetual to mean: ‘can use the software and have a backup’. What a cunch of bunts!

In the section marked as ‘2’ (yes it is split across paragraphs) Jiri tries to redefine the conditions of the license that MapTiler published several years ago – can’t see that standing up in court! The license does not appear to restrict distribution of copies of the older versions so if, like me, you find yourself at the wrong end of this MapTiler swindle maybe search online for the older versions. I was able to find them.

In the section marked as ‘3’ Jiri tells a heart-breaking story about a lifecycle ending. What he really means is that MapTiler wanted more money so they changed their pricing to a rental scheme.

In section ‘4’ Jiri springs a new phrase on us: ‘product terms’. Where did that come from? Oh, he means the license. I like this new legal-savvy Jiri. He tells me that the license does not bind MapTiler to provide download links to the software they sold me. That is deinitely true, the license is very scant but this sentence is admitting to being a cunch of bunts!

Section ‘5’ – MapTiler “is no longer able” to provide download links. “able” they say. They certainly are able as I have been able to download the old versions from them. It is a sad, sad story that Jiri weaves but this is not a disability for any legitimate reason. The old binaries are still there in the s3 bucket but MapTiler removed the links because they are saying ‘F**k you, pay more’ to their customers.

Section ‘6’ – “consistency with our policy” What policy? This is the first reference to a policy. These guys should work on their communication skills, admit that they originally had a badly written license, admit that they are anything but consistent and admit that they changed their pricing as they wanted their customers to pay more.

Section ‘7’ – blah blah stop complaining about our shenanigans and pay again!

What a cunch of bunts!

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