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The MapTiler Swindle: Update 2

Wee Jiri got back to me. The message is shown below but for the TLDR; In the paragraph labelled as ‘1’ Jiri & Jadek have redefined the meaning of ‘perpetual’ which you could look up for yourself. In the dictionary I checked I found words such as ‘endless’, ‘uninterrupted’ and ‘never ending’. However MapTiler have… Read more »

The MapTiler Swindle: Update 1

MapTiler got back to me about my assertion that it was unfair to remove download links for older versions of their software that customers had paid for. MapTiler changed their pricing model to a SaaS model so they now benefit from charging customers annually for access to the software, and are forcing customers to upgrade… Read more »

Convert Irish Grid Coordinates to Latitude Longitude

On the OpenDataNI portal some of the data sources show X,Y co-ordinates for the Irish Grid reference system (EPSG:29902). I wanted to be able to convert these to latitude longitude values I could use with OpenStreetMap and the cs2cs tool from the Install Proj (Linux) Install Proj (Mac) Usage Run it with example co-ordinates: And… Read more »

MapTiler Swindle

TLDR; I suppose this is a warning to contributors to OpenStreetMap that while MapTiler make use of our contributions their sole purpose is maximum profiteering from the mapping community. As an active contributor to OpenStreetMap I had a use-case to create raster tiles of an existing map so that I can use that as a… Read more »

Number 1

I was number 1 most active mapper in the UK charts today due to my contributions in County Down and East Belfast over the last few months. I can’t see that continuing as another Irish mapper b-unicycling is sure to take top spot soon.