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Creating a Yum Repository

Armed with a few RPMs I need to install on multiple machines and sick of SCP’ing files around machines I decided to set up a Yum repository. Here’s how: On a machine that already has Apache running and serving content: yum install createrepo cd /var/www/html/centos/5/qub/x86_64 createrepo /var/www/html/centos/5/qub/x86_64 Then on each client machine aiming to use… Read more »

Uptime 4 years

Since I like posting screeshots of uptime figures here is one of an anti-spam machine up for 1496 days (just over 4 years). The machine is running Red Hat 4.

Changing the hostname in CentOS

Background: I made a tar backup of one system and wanted to untar that onto different hardware. A bit like cloning. However I needed to make sure the hostname and network settings were those of the new machine and not the cloned machine. So for future reference … Change the Hostname vi /etc/hosts Change the… Read more »

Rsyslog and Log Analyzer

These are the steps I took to create a centralised location of system logs. In this scenario multiple servers (earth, venus, mars) send their system logs to a central server (sun I’m not going to cover the configuration of Apache, MySql except were it applies to Log Analyzer. Most of the servers are running… Read more »

Dansguardian Randomise Rules

If you plan to use or Shalla rules in Dansguardian you may suffer from very slow (or impossible) restarts of the daemon. Dansguardian prefers the rules randomized rather than in alphabetical order. I couldn’t find the randomize lines package in the repos so compiled it first e.g.: wget xzf rl-0.2.7.tar.gzcd rl-0.2.7./configuremakemake install Then… Read more »

Building an RPM Package (DansGuardian 2.10)

After putting together an RPM for DansGuardian v2.10.1.1 I thought I would make a few notes. The version of DansGuardian in the repositories is currently version 2.8 and the only other repo or rpm I could find was a 32-bit 2.10.  Why DansGuardian 2.10? Content Scanning Support with Clamd or Kapersky Regular Expressions to enforce… Read more »

Justniffer Monitoring Network Traffic

Just read about Justniffer on UbuntuGeek and decided to give it a whirl. Downloaded deb installer from SourceForge and ran with: justniffer -i eth0 I received the following output showing a few web connections and a telnet session to a mail server. – – [27/Oct/2010:21:33:52 +0100] “GET /wikipedia/en/b/bc/Meta-logo-35px.png HTTP/1.1” 200 1611 “” “Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux… Read more »

Red Hat CentOS Yum Repositories

This is my summary of Yum repositories for future reference. Yum (and apt on Debian systems) is an easy way to install software on Red Hat/CentOS systems and to keep those systems up-to-date. There are a variety of repositories with different software packages available which is why I like to use most of the following… Read more »