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Troubleshooting Munin

Having given up on installing and using Munin once already I thought I would jot a few notes to help in future troubleshooting. Test the connection by telnet from the munin-server to the munin-nodetelnet mynode 4949list [you should get a list of services available]fetch vmstat [you should get some vmstat numbers] Firewall is the munin-node… Read more »

Proftpd mod_tls and Jscape FTP applet

Recent problem with a Proftpd server configuration on Red Hat/Centos. I had configured mod_tls but on this newer version of the module I had to add the following lines to my proftpd.conf file for the JScape FTP applet to work with:Connection Type FTP/SSL (AUTH TLS) TLSProtocol             SSLv23TLSOptions              NoCertRequest I had been previously been using the… Read more »

cp: overwrite – force yes

Getting a bit peeved with the copy command prompting to overwrite files. cp -rf ./* ./another/location/cp: overwrite `/filename.conf’? y The ‘-i’ interactive option is obviously aliases into the copy command on Centos (even the -f option was not overriding this for me) but a quick way of overriding the aliasing behaviour is to prefix the… Read more »

Extracting ISO files

Needing to extract the contents of a CentOS iso file so that it could be used to http / kickstart installs: mkdir tmp_mntmkdir ./5.3mount -o loop ./CentOS-5.3-x86_64-bin-DVD.iso ./tmp_mntcp -R ./tmp_mnt/* ./5.3

Default Gateway Location

Centos and Red Hat:/etc/sysconfig/network NETWORKING=yesNETWORKING_IPV6=noHOSTNAME=myhostGATEWAY= Ubuntu/Debian:/etc/network/interfaces gateway Command Line: route add default gw

Swap Space Labels

A few issues today with a machine that had been left to boot with its swap space on the SAN. So I wanted to tell the machine to use the swap space on the local disk so I could refer to it in /etc/fstab by its label. So I tried: e2label /dev/sdf3 SWAP-local which didn’t… Read more »

Spamassassin Upgrade to 3.2.4 Problem

We probably don’t have a straight-forward spamd configuration so there wasn’t much noise out there from other people suffering this same issue so i think it may be peculiar to us.I upgraded from spamassassin 3.2.3 to 3.2.4 but received the following error when starting the service: cannot use –sql-config without -u As we are using… Read more »