Install check_mk on Ubuntu 18.04

Ubuntu 18.04 includes check-mk in the repository version but it is an older version 1.2.8 (at the time of writing).

Download check mk raw (get the latest stable URL from the website) :

Try installing it:

You may get dependency issues which can be resolved with:

Then try the install again:

Then create your first monitoring site/instance:

The omd command will provide the URL, username and password.

Web Interface

Access the web interface at the provided URL then:

Change Admin password:

  • On the Left WATO menu choose ‘Users’
  • Choose the pencil ‘Properties’ icon beside the cmkadmin user
  • Enter a new password under the authentication section
  • Click ‘Save’


Install the Agent on a Server

To check a server install the agent e.g.

The agent is called via xinted so to allow your monitoring server to contact port 6556 add allowed IP addresses to the

And add IP addresses to the field:

and set:

Then restart xinetd:

Go back to the Check_mk monitoring server and from the WATO menu choose Hosts > Create

Add the server name and IP address and choose ‘Save & Test’.

You can test that check_mk agent is responding using telnet from the monitoring server e.g.


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