Install check_mk on Ubuntu 18.04

Ubuntu 18.04 includes check-mk in the repository version but it is an older version 1.2.8 (at the time of writing).

Download check mk raw (get the latest stable URL from the website) :


Try installing it:

dpkg -i dpkg -i check-mk-raw-*.deb

You may get dependency issues which can be resolved with:

apt-get install -f

Then try the install again:

dpkg -i check-mk-raw-*.deb

Then create your first monitoring site/instance:

omd create eu-west

The omd command will provide the URL, username and password.

Web Interface

Access the web interface at the provided URL then:

Change Admin password:

  • On the Left WATO menu choose ‘Users’
  • Choose the pencil ‘Properties’ icon beside the cmkadmin user
  • Enter a new password under the authentication section
  • Click ‘Save’


Install the Agent on a Server

To check a server install the agent e.g.

sudo apt-get install check-mk-agent xinetd

The agent is called via xinted so to allow your monitoring server to contact port 6556 add allowed IP addresses to the

viĀ  /etc/xinetd.d/check_mk

And add IP addresses to the field:

only_from =

and set:

disable = no

Then restart xinetd:

systemctl restart xinetd

Go back to the Check_mk monitoring server and from the WATO menu choose Hosts > Create

Add the server name and IP address and choose ‘Save & Test’.

You can test that check_mk agent is responding using telnet from the monitoring server e.g.

telnet 6556


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