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Checking for Updates on Ubuntu

On Ubuntu/Debian servers install apticron with: apt-get install apticron This will run a daily job and send an email with available updates. The email address can be amended in /etc/apitcron/apticron.conf Quick, easy and useful!

Ubuntu Ibex (8.10), Opera and Flash

Opera is a great browser – magic wand, mouse gestures and less memory hungry than Firefox. It’s also pretty good on the Wii. Install the .deb from Then to get flash working: sudo ln -s /usr/lib/flashplugin-nonfree/ /usr/lib/opera/plugins/

YouTube Videos stop after 2 seconds

On Ubuntu 8.10 in Firefox with Flash Player 10 YouTube videos were stopping after 2 seconds. I tried a few things like clearing the cache and killing pluseaudio but for some reason disabling the Flash plugin then restarting Firefox and renabling Flash got things started again.

Webcam on Ubuntu Just Works : Canyon CNR-WCAM413

I bought this particular webcam Canyon CNR-WCAM413 through Amazon as it was reported to just work on Linux – and it does on Ubuntu 8.04. Thanks to that french guy who laboured away at making drivers for all these devices! Plugged it in, booted up and an lsusb showed: jonny@nova:~$ lsusbBus 005 Device 003: ID… Read more »

Ubuntu NumLock Problem in Hardy

Symptom: The Num Lock key does not seem to have any effect and the number keys do not work. Cause: Upgrading from Gutsy to Hardy Heron 8.04. I keep my home folder on a separate partition and have it mounted on boot so something in my home folder configuration folders/files must be having a conflict… Read more »

Password-less SSH in 5 minutes

Connecting to remote servers using SSH is very common in systemadministration and involves entering the command : sshuser@remotehostname and the corresponding password. It is possible to use public keys with SSH to allow the remote host to accept SSH connections from you without password authentication. This can beuseful for automatically scheduled tasks (CRON jobs) for… Read more »