Android Tablet: Superpad 8

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  1. Andrei

    BTW, how did you take screen snapshots on your device? VolumeDown+Power don’t work for me.

  2. Doug

    Can I get the Superpad to operate in “talking book” mode – like a Kindle. If so how? Can’t find a menu link to that operation

  3. Ferrarirob

    I have a Superpad viii and find it very useful, exceptfor one thing – I would like the screen sensitivity to be a little better or at least be able to be adjusted.

  4. jonny

    I’ve given the SuperPad to the kids now and got my hands on a Pipo S2 for £100 and it is fantastic. The capacitive screen is much more responsive than the superpad and with the 8 inch screen the battery lasts a lot longer.

  5. Ross Hoggard

    Do I have down load micro silver light? Or can get audio somewhere else? And do downloas if you do?

  6. Melody Jackson

    My son bought the sp8 for me as a Valentine’s gift and I love it! Thanks for your article! I am just so pleased with this product!

  7. lorraine

    hi i have bought this for the grandkids to watch movies while away abroad (bedtime) i have lots of movies on a usb stick how can i watch these and do i need to download anything (pref free) to be able to do this i thought it would be just plug in and play but i cant seem to work it out any help would be great many thanks

  8. Dainius

    I need main screen for Flytouch 8 Superpad VIII. Do you know where I can get it? thank you

  9. Edita

    Hi, can you tell me how to use the camera when I click the camera – foto there writes: “Unfortunately, the camera stopped” why, what to do? Thanks


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