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Solar Power Installation

Solar Panels on Roof

Just thought I would record a few notes/thoughts on my recent solar installation in case I need to illustrate it to anyone I know. For the solar photovoltaic (PV) panels there was two choices: Sharp (Japanese) or SolarWorld (German) panels. According to David (our installer) there is little difference bar aesthetics, although the Sharp ones… Read more »

Filezilla is Dead – Killed by Malware

With a heavy heart I can no longer recommend FileZilla.For years I had pointed users to Filezilla for several reasons including availability on multiple platforms and support for FTPS. I have now been informed that Windows users who download FileZilla via Sourceforge are getting an installer that tries to install crapware. Filezilla are aware of… Read more »

1and1 Overcharging for Backups

So back in November 2013 1and 1 contacted me to tell me they would be physically moving my server from one data centre to another: In the email on the 3rd November they advised signing up for 1and1 Professional Backup. They advised that the backup service would be free for two months and would automatically… Read more »

The Cost of Microsoft Windows 7

It’s free – it came with my computer Love them or hate them Microsoft are effective in business. One of their methods of peddling their product is to ensure that all dealers supply their product by default and bully the dealer if they try to supply a competitors product. When Dell hinted that they would… Read more »

Gimp and Pareto’s Principal

Pareto’s Principal, also known as the 80/20 rule, this principle holds that for any given event, 80% of the results come from 20% of the activity. For example, if you subscribe to Pareto’s Principle, then you probably believe that 8o% of the work in any organisation is performed by about 20% of the employees. This… Read more »

The world is over-populated

We had this discussion over coffee one day so to back up my argument with a few figures: 30 percent of food never makes it into a human stomach (UK’s Government Office of Science, The Future of Food and Farming) Rising energy prices encourage the diversion of food stocks into biofuel production (UK’s Government Office… Read more »