Watercolor Action for Photoshop

I had been asked to create some watercolour versions of my holiday photos so I created the following action file for Photoshop (CS2).

What does the action do?

  • Creates 3 new dupliacte layers
  • Layer 1 – Filter > Artistic > Cutout (with settings 4,4,2)
  • Layer 1 Blend mode -> Luminosity
  • Layer 2 – Filter > Artistic > Dry Brush (with settings 10,10,3)
  • Layer 2 Blend mode -> Screen
  • Layer 3 – Filter > Noise > Median (with setting 12)
  • Layer 3 Blend mode -> Soft Light


Keel and Minaun Heights from Slievemore

Keel and Minaun Heights from Slievemore

Download the action file: watercolor.atn.zip

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