Entangle Canon 60D Tethered Shooting on Ubuntu

I wanted to test tethered shooting with my Canon EOS 60D. Tethered shooting is useful when you want to see a large view of your captured images while shooting. I had connected the camera to the computer via USB cable – I had to try a few cables before I got the appropriate one – don’t know what I did with the original.

I started by installing gphoto2 and entangle:

sudo apt-get install gphoto2 entangle

After that I switched the camera on and checked

dmesg | tail


Canon 60D Ubuntuand lsusb to make sure the camera was recognised.

Canon 60D UbuntuOn starting Entanlge the camera is not automatically detected so choose ‘Connect camera’:

Entangle Ubuntu


Entangle will display a list of detected cameras:

Select camera - EntangleSince Ubuntu automatically mounted the camera storage I have to choose ‘Yes’ to unmount the filesystem:


Entangle UbuntuFrom then, the camera can be used from Entangle. The first icon on the toolbar allows activating the shutter and there are many preferences and options:

Entangle on Ubuntu

I tested this process with my Canon EOS 350D but the 350D couldn’t be controlled from Entangle although the gphoto support site suggests it should.

Next I’ll try using gphoto2 to take photos at regular intervals for a time lapse video:

gphoto2 -I 24 -F 1800 --capture-image-and-download

This command would capture a photo every 24 seconds and so so 1800 times i.e. 12 hours



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