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Named: no version information available

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We had a problem today on CentOS release 6.4  when restarting the bind / named service. We had been receiving the error message: /usr/sbin/named: /usr/lib64/ no version information available (required by /usr/lib64/ This problem may have come about from using the CentAlt version of Bind. We are using 40:9.9.4-1.P2.el6 and we had been using openssl-1.0.0-27.el6_4.2.x86_64 … Read more »

DNS Benchmarking

I was trying to check performance on some local DNS servers in comparison to some public DNS servers so I started with using Dig to check  the response times between a local DNS server (blurred out below) and one of the Google DNS servers. I first checked a popular domain name and I noticed that… Read more »

Bind DNS entry with and without “www”

I needed to configure Bind today to use and (without the www) and I managed it adding the following into the zone file: @       IN              A www                     A mail                    A  

BIND Convert Slave Raw Format

In Bind v9.9.0 the default option for zone file format on a slave is a raw binary format. For troubleshooting these can be converted back to text using named-compilezone. An example is shown below: /usr/sbin/named-compilezone -f raw -F text -o /tmp/ /var/named/data/ Then the contents of the tmp file can be viewed: cat /tmp/… Read more »