Munin Bootstrap Template: Munstrap

So after playing around with an alternative template from Munin 1.x I took some time to amend the standard Munin templates using Twitter Bootstrap as a base. The Munstrap files are available from GitHub. The files on GitHub include bootstrap (version 3.0.2) licensed under Apache License (and from bootstrap v 3.2 MIT license).

Alternative Munin Template

The instructions below assume Red Hat/CentOS so if you are using Debian/Ubuntu based distributions you may need to amend the paths.


cd /etc/munin

mv ./templates ./templates_default

mv ./static ./static_default

git clone

mv ./munstrap/templates .

mv ./munstrap/static .

cd /var/www/html/munin

mv static /etc/munin/static_old

rm -rf /var/www/html/munin/*

cp -R /etc/munin/static /var/www/html/munin

chown -R munin:munin /var/www/html/munin/static

su - munin --shell=/bin/bash


Wait for the Munin update process to finish and then list to check that the html files have been generated. If you get a message “[FATAL ERROR] Lock already exists” then wait for a minute until the Munin update process finishes and then run it again manually.

There are sure to be problems along the way but for now this template is working for me.

8 Responses to “Munin Bootstrap Template: Munstrap”

  1. Sotiris Tsimbonis

    We’ve got some graph_categories that contain spaces, e.g. “oracle asm” or “oracle tablespaces” but the tab links don’t work for them, so we can’t access those graphs..

    Any fix for that please?

  2. Chris Stromsoe

    To fix the issue of spaces in category names, modify lines 12 and 22 of munin-nodeview.tmpl as follows:

    12: ><a href=”#tab<TMPL_VAR NAME=”__counter__”>” data-toggle=”tab”><TMPL_VAR ESCAPE=”HTML” NAME=”NAME”></a></li>

    22: ” id=”tab<TMPL_VAR NAME=”__counter__”>”>

    • jonny

      Chris I tried this but it broke the links from the home page / overview.
      Any other solutions welcome.

  3. rufik

    It looks like you’ve disabled responsiveness by setting width in css. I can see usage of tables in layout construction, so it’s not friendly for mobile devices…:)

  4. jonny

    rufik – I agree. I have a few amendments to make to the code and a percentage width might be a good start. The images are produced in tables from the munin perl code and I was trying to add a template without touching any of the core code. I was just trying to make something a little nicer to look at – there’s always plenty more work to do!

  5. David Young

    Thanks for this – fantastic improvement over the standard template. Deployed to my internal servers, and watching for updates on github 😉

  6. Sam

    Oh, you awesome person! I was just about to do the same thing, but you’ve saved me a whole load of work. Looks to work really nicely too.


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