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Munstrap for Munin

Alternative Munin Template

Warm fuzzy feeling inside when you get emails like this: I had recently added my Munstrap template to the munin-contrib repository and had been talking to Steve about the template much earlier. Munstrap was based on Bootstrap and other interested people contributed to (and forked) my Github repo to improve Munstrap. Great to see a… Read more »

Install Logtail on CentOS

I had a munin plugin script that uses the logtail program. Logtail comes with the ‘logcheck’ package – available in the EPEL repository. To install it make sure you have the EPEL repository installed. If not (for CentOS 6):

With the EPEL repository installed, install logcheck:

Logtail is installed to:

Munin Bootstrap Template: Munstrap

Alternative Munin Template

So after playing around with an alternative template from Munin 1.x I took some time to amend the standard Munin templates using Twitter Bootstrap as a base. The Munstrap files are available from GitHub. The files on GitHub include bootstrap (version 3.0.2) licensed under Apache License (and from bootstrap v 3.2 MIT license). The instructions… Read more »

Installing Munin 2.x on Centos 6

Ensure you have the epel repository installed then:

The configuration file for Apache is located at:

Create the username/password file referred to in the above file:

Restart the munin-node service and ensure it starts on boot:

Restart the Apache service to ensure the munin conf is picked up:

Wait for… Read more »