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Minecraft Server on CentOS 6

I downloaded the minecraft server package and extracted it to /opt/minecraft I installed screen and Java (OpenJDK) using yum as follows: yum install java-1.7.0-openjdk screen The SysV init startup scripts provided on the Wiki didn’t work for me so I cobbled the following together which works for me. Anyone else wishing to use this should… Read more »

Nintendo DS R4

Bought an R4 card from and added the software following the instructions here  Happy gaming!

Minecraft Black Screen on Ubuntu 12.10

Having just purchased Minecraft I tried running it on Ubuntu but after logging in all I had was a black screen. Running the  file in a terminal (java -jar minecraft.jar) showed me the error message was to do with so I ran: locate To see if I could find where it is located…. Read more »

Updating Shop Channel on Soft Modded Wii

I needed to update the Shop channel to download Netflix, LoveFilm and YouTube channels. After several failed attempts with old instructions for Shopping Channel v20 I obtained Shopping Channel v21 by following the instructions here:

Oolite Keyboard Layout Ubuntu

To create a custom keyboard layout for Oolite on Ubuntu: mkdir -p /home/jonny/.Oolite/AddOns chown -R jonny:jonny /home/jonny/.Oolite gedit ~/.Oolite/AddOns/keyconfig.plist Download the Key Config tool extract it, open the web page and generate the keyboard layout you want. Paste the output into the ~/.Oolite/AddOns/keyconfig.plist file. For reference the default keyboard layout file is at: /usr/lib/GNUstep/System/Applications/

Wii WBFS on Ubuntu

QWBFS WBFS Manager on Ubuntu Linux

On Ubuntu 12.10 I had been using WBFS Manager but I had a .wbfs file that was not recognised. I tried Wii Backup Fusion but got the following error message in the log tab: (Fri Nov 9 19:26:32 2012) Wii Backup Fusion 1.1 started. Wiimms ISO Tool not found! Wiimms WBFS Tool not found! Titles… Read more »