MySQL dummy placeholder RPM package for MariaDB

On CentOS 7 MariaDB has (quite rightfully IMHO) replaced MySQL in the repositories however this has caused me a few problems. Since MySQL was so widely used there are other things that have MySQL as a requirement/dependency. Mainly my problem was some puppet modules that wanted the mysql-server package installed before they would proceed with the remainder of their instructions.

To get around the problem I set about creating a dummy MySQL package that would act as a metapackage. It would not install anything itself but would list MariaDB as a requirement. So puppet would see that the mysql-server package is installed and MariaDB would be there to ensure that the database functionality actually exists.

SPEC file

I created the spec file below:


And built the RPM package with:

I added the resulting RPM file ./RPMS/x86_64/mysql-server-5.5.41-1.x86_64.rpm to my personal yum repository. So now when I try to

I get the following:

MySQL metapackage for MariaDB





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