Beginning Powershell

When writing my first powershell script to check free disk space on a dozen exchange servers I picked up a few useful things for future reference.Echoing output to the command lineA script can print/write output to stdout using Write-Host "Hello World"... » More

CycloDS Evolution for Nintendo DS

The CycloDS Evo is one of many flash carts for the Nintendo DS / lite. This modification card is used in conjunction with a Micro SD card on which you can store games, music, videos and even a linux distribution. For this I used: a Nintendo DS LiteThe... » More

Google Docs

I tried a few options for downloading documents from GoogleDocs, some methods are geared more for synchronising one document at a time but I needed something to take a full backup of all my GoogleDocs for offline sharing. I found the Google Doc Download... » More

autofs mounting WIndows Shares on CentOS 5

Create a directory for the mountpoint:mkdir /mnt/mywinserverTemporarily mount: mount -t cifs // /mnt/mywinserver -o username=jonny,password=letmein For a more permanent mount  edit /etc/auto.master file add a line like:... » More

Ubuntu ATI Graphics Driver

I had a few difficulties with playing video on Ubuntu with false/inverted colours so the reds were blue, and also so jitters in the video play.I followed the instructions here: and for the time being the... » More

cPanel and mod_security

cPanel allows for adding some apache and PHP modules using the web interface (and a script they call easyapache). This can be found under Software > Apache UpdateAfter installing mod_security the main configuration file is found at:... » More

Using Several Servers with phpMyAdmin

To use the same phpMyAdmin installation to service several MySQL servers edit the file and add the following lines - don't forget the $i++ line:$i++;$cfg = 'cookie'; $cfg = '';$cfg = 'tcp';$cfg =... » More

Test SMTP with Telnet

Useful for finding problems with new installations.telnet 25.Key in "EHLO" and press enter.Key in "MAIL FROM:" and press enter.Key in "RCPT TO:" and press... » More

Slow SSH Logins

On a new CentOS 5.1 install there was a dleay while logging in via SSH. Using the -v option i.e. # ssh -v jonny@servername gave more verbose output with the following messages: debug1: Authentications that can continue:... » More