PHP LDAP Search Root of Active Directory

Using PHP to query Active Directory resulted in a few problems e.g.Warning: ldap_search() : Search: Can't contact LDAP server in ... ldap_search(): Search: Operations errorWarning: ldap_search() : Search: Partial results and referral received The... » More

Prettifying Nagios

The default installation of Nagios is pretty ugly but can be tarted up with the Nuvola icons and some stylesheets from the following page:;d=1 Scroll down the page to the files section... » More

New iPod Nano Video on Ubuntu

Used the instructions at the following link: get the new iPod Nano Video working. Shame Apple can't be more open!Now to work out how to get videos working... » More

MySQL: mysql is not running but lock exists

A MySQL crash on Red Hat system resulted with:/etc/init.d/mysql statuscoming back with: mysql is not running but lock existsSolved by removing the lock file: rm /var/lock/subsys/mysql If this happens again it may also be necessary to remove the pid file... » More

Password-less SSH for Rsync from Solaris

This short article will demonstrate by example password-less ssh from a Solaris 8 box which will backup the contents of a linux box using rsync.In the example there are 2 users involved and 2 machines involved:User: bak2solaris Machine: mylinuxbox... » More

SpamAssassin: Overriding default scores

If desired the default scores for rules in spamassassin (located in /usr/share/spamassassin/ can be changed by setting the scores either in /etc/mail/spamassassin/ or another .cf file in the directory. For example, could... » More

First Aide for Intrusion Detection

I was considering installing tripwire on a CentOS 5.1 install but I happened upon an article about 'aide' which also notifies the system admin about changes to core files (and thus possible intrusions) Of course any genuine newly installed... » More

Spamassassin and sa-update

Sa-update replaces Rules-Du-Jour providing fresh spam rules to spamassassin in a similar way that freshclam provides viri updates to ClamAV.Presumably Spamassassin is installed but if it isn't: yum install spamassassin*This will install the main... » More

PHP 5.2.5 Plesk Horde Include Error

A recent upgrade to PHP 5.2.5 caused a problem with Plesk/Horde webmail. Specifically:Warning: require_once(Horde/String.php) : failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /usr/share/psa-horde/lib/Horde/Browser.php on line 4 Fatal error:... » More