MySQL Logging Notes

Enabling some extra logging options on MySQL is useful for temporary close analysis of what is actually going on with your server and applications. Logging Slow Queries To switch on the logging of queries which take a long time (default 10 seconds) enter... » More

SSH Tunneling with a MySQL Example

SSH tunnelling can be used to secure communications of non-secure protocols between two computers. For the purposes of this example I have a server running MySQL which I will call . The default port for MySQL is 3306 but by default it... » More

Apache Proxy Pass on Ubuntu

The Apache module mod_proxy can be used to 'reverse proxy' requests through an Apache server to another server. This is most useful when proxying requests to a server behind a firewall which is not directly accessible from the internet. In this... » More

MySQL Collation and Character Set

Importing databases from MySQL 3.2 to MySQL 5 - When I create a database using Plesk it creates it as utf8 (Character Set) and utf8_general_ci(Collation) but when I create a database using PhpMyAdmin the database is created as latin1 (Character Set) and... » More

Apache MaxRequestsPerChild 10000

We found that Apache 1.3 was periodically using up all the memory and swap space on a machine and stumbling on the post below we decided to reduce MaxRequestsPerChild from the apache conf advised value of 10000 for Solaris down to 100 or 500. Hopefully... » More

Plesk Horde Issues with Sending Mail

For future reference ...Had a few issues related to Horde sending mail. Although it appeared as though the mails were sent there was an issue with Horde using Sendmail.One proposed solution was to edit php.ini and amend the disable_functions line in... » More

PHP LDAP Search Root of Active Directory

Using PHP to query Active Directory resulted in a few problems e.g.Warning: ldap_search() : Search: Can't contact LDAP server in ... ldap_search(): Search: Operations errorWarning: ldap_search() : Search: Partial results and referral received The... » More

Prettifying Nagios

The default installation of Nagios is pretty ugly but can be tarted up with the Nuvola icons and some stylesheets from the following page:;d=1 Scroll down the page to the files section... » More

New iPod Nano Video on Ubuntu

Used the instructions at the following link: get the new iPod Nano Video working. Shame Apple can't be more open!Now to work out how to get videos working... » More